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Fw: [TheBlackList-2] MAA REPORT: THE DEATH OF MARV TARPLIN (Miracles former guitar player)


Motown Alumni Association
MAA Special Report: The Death Of Marv Tarplin
A hero passed... Friday September 30, 2011

Motown's "secret weapon" Marv Tarplin dead at 70

Marvin "Marv" Tarplin (born 13 June 1941, in Atlanta, Georgia) today at the age of 70.You can't express how much this one man meant to those of  us dreaming to make it in the music business. His quiet mystique and unconcerned demeanor would make you believe he was just an ordinary guy. But his creative back beat rhythms on guitar allowed the powers that be to find the creative juices to formulate what would become major classic hits for Motown.
Referred to as The Miracles' "secret weapon",Tarplin began his career accompanying a teenage Detroit, Michigan girl group known as The Primettes (later The Supremes). The Primettes sought an audition with Motown Records, and Tarplin played guitar as they performed for Miracles lead singer Smokey Robinson. Robinson was impressed by Tarplin's guitar playing, and asked the primettes if they could borrow him for some shows. Gradually luring him away from the Primettes to join The Miracles. Tarplin joined The Miracles in 1958.
Tarplin's playing technique along with Smokey Robinson's lyrical flair became the inspiration for most of the Miracles hit songs.
While Tarplin remained with the Miracles for as long as Robinson was their lead singer, he is only present on the cover of three classic Miracles albums: Cookin' with The Miracles (1962), I'll Try Something New (1962), and The Fabulous Miracles (1963). He is mentioned, though not pictured, on the back cover of the group's very first album, Hi... We're The Miracles (1961), and listed as an original group member. As a songwriter, Tarplin helped co-compose many of the Miracles' hit singles, amongst them the million-selling Grammy Hall of Fame winner "The Tracks of My Tears for which he received the ASCAP Award Of Merit (1965), "My Girl Has Gone (1965), "I Like It Like That, (1964), "Going to a Go-Go (1965), "The Love I Saw in You Was Just a Mirage (1967), and Point It Out (1968).
In addition, Tarplin co-wrote several Robinson produced hits by Marvin Gaye, including the Top 10 million selling hits, "Ain't That Peculiar and "I'll Be Doggone. His guitar work is featured prominently on Gaye's Top 40 hit, "One More Heartache, which he also co-wrote,and another of Gaye's chart hits, 1965's "Take This Heart of Mine. He also played on The Four Tops 1970 Top 20 hit, Still Water (Love),co-written by fellow Miracle Smokey Robinson. He also appeared with the group on The Ed Sullivan Show, the 1964 motion picture The T.A.M.I. Show, THE 1965 CBS television special, Murray The K - It's What's Happening, Baby, and virtually all of the group's personal appearance concerts worldwide, including the legendary Motortown Revue shows in the early 1960s.[citation needed]
Tarplin left the Miracles in 1973, shortly after Smokey Robinson and his wife Claudette left the group. His replacement in The Miracles was Donald Griffin, brother of Billy Griffin, Robinson's replacement in the group.
Robinson and Tarplin continued to collaborate as writers on Robinson's solo recordings, including the Top 10 hits "Cruisin' (1978) and "Being with You (1981). Tarplin also continued to play guitar on record and in concert for Robinson, and, until 2008, continued to tour with Robinson. In 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin musician, Paul Cebar, paid homage to Tarplin with his song "Marv's Fluttering Guitar (For Marv Tarplin)" from the album Tomorrow Sound Now For Yes Music People.
Tarplin's phenomenal skills as a guitarist and songwriter were demonstrated on many hits of The Miracles, as well as many studio recordings and concert appearances. He served in The Miracles for well over a decade until joining Smokey Robinson after Smokey departed from The Miracles to pursue a solo career. Tarplin is also pictured on the cover of the 2009 Motown CD release, The Miracles-Depend On Me:The Early Albums (2009) .His guitar riffs at the intro of The Miracles' million-seller "The Tracks of My Tears" , are among the most famous in Pop music history.
Tarplin retired from touring in 2008.
Marv was preseded in death by his wife, Sylvia, (who died in 2004) They have a daughter named Talese
Footnote: More information will be delivered as it comes in.

Motown Alumni Association • 621 orleans #65 • Detroit • MI • 48207
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Uptown Restaurant Month

Uptown Restaurant Month Highlights City's Best Food

September 29, 2011 1:14pm




UPPER MANHATTAN — The foraging foodie can find everything from classic mofongo to the latest in trendy organic fare in upper Manhattan these days, as an influx in population has helped diversify the historically delicious food offerings of the neighborhoods.

To celebrate the cuisine north of 96th Street, whether at a local mainstay or at one of the new wave of restaurants, bars and lounges, announces its first Uptown Restaurant Month, which features deals and discounts on food offerings from some of best restaurants in Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood throughout October.

Read more:

Harlem - News

Harlem - News September 30, 2011

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Jazzmobile Presents First Annual Jazzy Awards Celebration, October 10, (Press Release News From 24-7 Press Re...)
Jazzmobile Presents First Annual Jazzy Awards Celebration: In Honor of Dr. Billy Taylor's 90th Birthday Monday, October 10, 7:00 PM, Hudson Theatre NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jazzmobile, Inc., the Harlem-based organization that pioneered the concept of bringing jazz into the community and creating new audiences with ... (more)

Little Haiti (The Big Apple)
Listen to Robert Emmerich introduce The Big Apple , a hit song from 1937. Music written by Bob and performed by Tommy Dorsey's Clambake Seven with Bob on piano.

50 years after Martin Luther King

50 years after Martin Luther King, multiethnic churches still rare in 21st century

Full story: Salt Lake Tribune

Ashville, Tenn. a As a young white minister, Michael Catt said he was fired from a Mississippi church for quoting Martin Luther King Jr.

Harlem - News

Harlem - News September 29, 2011

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New Yorkers keep it stylin' after Fashion Week
New Yorkers keep it stylin' after Fashion Week (New York Daily News)
The 25-year-old Brooklynite keeps his outfits simple -A dark denim and button-up shirt - but always has on a pair of cool kicks.

Fowl play: Bronx neighbors are staging a coop at urban chicken farm (NY Daily News)
"Today is my first day as a chicken farmer!" crows Lily Kesselman, who is cradling a speckled hen in a lush garden where rows of bell peppers, collard greens and string beans are flourishing on a late Indian summer afternoon.

ADV: New York Neo-Futurist Workshop (Playbill)
The New York Neo-Futurists Fall Basic Training Workshop The New York Neo-Futurists, the writer/performers of the critically-acclaimed long-running show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind , announce our upcoming workshop.

Report: Emergency food pantries have become a mainstay in many people's diet
Report: Emergency food pantries have become a mainstay in many people's diet (The Post-Standard)
Stacey Miller , 28, and her sons, Donavan , 11, and Troy, 10, pick up groceries at the Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger food pantry, which serves nearly 10,000 low-income individuals monthly in Brooklyn, N.Y. A report by a Chicago-based hunger-relief group says emergency food banks and pantries are becoming long-term solutions for a lot of hungry ... (more)

Medicaid Redesign Team for Affordable Housing (NY Non-Profit Press)
New York State has announced the formation of a Medicaid Redesign Team Affordable Housing Work Group which will develop a statewide plan for increasing access to affordable housing so that New York State Medicaid beneficiaries are not forced into institutional settings because they cannot access affordable housing.A The work group's mission states ... (more)

Oyster gardens growing under Raritan Bay (SILive)
SOUTH/EAST SHORES - Along the Raritan Bay coast of Staten Island, a number of unusual gardens are growing: They're made up of oysters.

Tasting Rao's: America's Toughest Restaurant Reservation
Tasting Rao's: America's Toughest Restaurant Reservation (Forbes)
I have been traveling the world as a journalist and passionate lover of all things fun for nearly 20 years.

Sep 30, 2011: Watch Samoa vs Springbok live stream sopcast online at Nublu


Rugby World Cup Presents Samoa vs South Africa Live Stream RUGBY You can Watch this GAME live on on Friday 16th September 2011 From 20:00 local, 08:00 GMT, 14:00 BDT.Samoa vs South Africa Live Stream RUGBY match Presented By Rugby World Cup . all of the RUGBY fans,Don’t miss to watch & grab this game live stream online on LIVE SPORTS TV.

Sep 30, 2011: Watch Samoa vs Springbok live stream sopcast online at Nublu
Fri, 30 Sep 2011 13:55:22 GMT

Garden Walking Tours in Fort Tryon Park


Date: October 2, 2011

Take a tour of the "Park for All Seasons." On the first Sunday of every month, take a walking tour of the Heather and Alpine Gardens of Fort Tryon Park. Discover which plants are in bloom in each of the seasons, even in the dead of winter. Learn about the gardens' history, future, and secrets from a member of Fort Tryon's expert horticulture staff.

These tours are wheelchair accessible but persons with mobility issues may find them challenging because of the park's many steep paths

Start time: 1:00 pm

End time: 2:00 pm

Contact phone:

Location: Heather Garden (in Fort Tryon Park)

Garden Walking Tours in Fort Tryon Park
Fri, 30 Sep 2011 04:00:11 GMT

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Black Women Criticize “SlutWalk” Organization In Open Letter


A group of African American anti-violence advocates, activists, scholars, organizational and spiritual leaders have written an open letter to the anti-rape and violence against women organization, “SlutWalk.”

“SlutWalk” was founded to combat people that blame women that were victims of sexual assault.

The Huffington Post reports:

We are deeply concerned. As Black women and girls we find no space in SlutWalk, no space for participation and to unequivocally denounce rape and sexual assault as we have experienced it. We are perplexed by the use of the term “slut” and by any implication that this word, much like the word “Ho” or the “N” word should be re-appropriated. The way in which we are perceived and what happens to us before, during and after sexual assault crosses the boundaries of our mode of dress. Much of this is tied to our particular history. In the United States, where slavery constructed Black female sexualities, Jim Crow kidnappings, rape and lynchings, gender misrepresentations, and more recently, where the Black female immigrant struggle combine, “slut” has different associations for Black women. We do not recognize ourselves nor do we see our lived experiences reflected within SlutWalk and especially not in its brand and its label.

As Black women, we do not have the privilege or the space to call ourselves “slut” without validating the already historically entrenched ideology and recurring messages about what and who the Black woman is. We don’t have the privilege to play on destructive representations burned in our collective minds, on our bodies and souls for generations. Although we understand the valid impetus behind the use of the word “slut” as language to frame and brand an anti-rape movement, we are gravely concerned. For us the trivialization of rape and the absence of justice are viciously intertwined with narratives of sexual surveillance, legal access and availability to our personhood. It is tied to institutionalized ideology about our bodies as sexualized objects of property, as spectacles of sexuality and deviant sexual desire. It is tied to notions about our clothed or unclothed bodies as unable to be raped whether on the auction block, in the fields or on living room television screens. The perception and wholesale acceptance of speculations about what the Black woman wants, what she needs and what she deserves has truly, long crossed the boundaries of her mode of dress.

Read More At The Huffington Post

Black Women Criticize “SlutWalk” Organization In Open Letter
Casey Gane-McCalla, Lead Blogger
Thu, 29 Sep 2011 18:07:39 GMT

Rest In Peace! Hip-Hop Pioneer, Sylvia Robinson, Dies At Age 75


Legendary record producer Sylvia Robinson has passed away at age 75, in a hospital in New Jersey.

Robinson played a seminal role in bringing hip-hop music into the mainstream, while forming The Sugarhill Gang, and releasing their hit, “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979.

She had passed Thursday morning at Meadowlands Hospital in Secaucus, New Jersey, family spokesman Greg Walker told the website, Sister 2 Sister.


Rest In Peace! Hip-Hop Pioneer, Sylvia Robinson, Dies At Age 75
NewsOne Staff
Thu, 29 Sep 2011 16:28:46 GMT

Poor and Unwanted in Fishkill: The Snow Valley Tragedy


Visiting Snow Valley in Fishkill it is hard to believe that you are in affluent New York State. The poverty here goes beyond Appalachia rivaling the ghettos of Brazil or parts of Africa. You feel that you are no longer in America.

There are Native Americans here from a tribe out of North Dakota that settlers wiped out by killing off their Buffalo food supply and giving them blankets infected with small pox. Now we are unceremoniously throwing them out of their homes with no place else to go.

The sewage system here consists of an open pit that residents pour their refuge into. This pit may seep into the water supply and a nearby stream that runs through the collection of shanty trailer homes.

The owner is a mining company called Montfort and they have issued a 30 day eviction notice to the residents here on the eve of winter. One wonders how they can expect these residents to pack up and move from their long term homes in just 30 days as the snow begins to fall.

HUD, DEC and health authorities in Dutchess County have regulatory authority over this site yet there is no sign of their involvement according to Peter Rostenberg of the Fishkill Ridge Caretakers an environmental group seeking to help out with the situation. Local preservationist Mara Farrell and local attorney Tim Tuttle are also helping out as is educator Ved Shravah and long term county legislator Alison MacAvery who is knocking on the doors of government agencies regarding this situation. Help is also coming as far away as Boston with the involvement of financial worker Cheryl Miller who is an environmental activist.

Montfort was recently seen drilling with a bit as “thick as a human thigh” in this area and may have found something below ground that is the reason why they are evicting everyone here. It seems to be profit above humanity when you are poor and unwanted in the Town of Fishkill.

Poor and Unwanted in Fishkill: The Snow Valley Tragedy
Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:50:13 GMT

Petey Pablo Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Petey Pablo Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

The rapper was caught trying to smuggle a stolen pistol aboard a plane.

by Dorkys Ramos

Posted: 09/27/2011 08:30 PM EDT

Filed Under Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo sentenced to three years in prison

Petey Pablo was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday morning after fighting a year-long gun charge. The North Carolina rapper was stopped at Raleigh Durham International Airport last year and caught trying to smuggle a stolen 9mm pistol onto a plane heading for Los Angeles. He could have received up to ten years in jail for the offense.

African-American - News

African-American - News September 29, 2011


City where Civil War began to get King memorial
City where Civil War began to get King memorial (Rome News)
Tourists walk through Liberty Square in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday. The city and the National Park Service are planning a memorial to Dr.

Fire Captain's Racist Text (KLFY-TV Lafayette)
The Morgan City Fire Department is dealing with some community backlash after one of their Captains sent a racist text in which he makes fun of a carload of African Americans being run over by a semi then sends it to the former fire chief who is black.

Cain: Black Community 'Brainwashed' Into Voting For Dems (WAPT-TV Jackson)
The one African-American running for the GOP presidential nomination said Wednesday the black community was 'brainwashed' for traditionally siding with liberal politicians.

Sharpton: Obama critics backed Clinton in 2008
Sharpton: Obama critics backed Clinton in 2008 (MySanAntonio)
The Rev. Al Sharpton says he will lead a march in Washington next month in support of President Barack Obama 's jobs plan - and he dismisses blacks who criticize Obama over high black unemployment.

Gil Noble will not return to 'Like It Is' (New York Daily News)
Two months after he suffered a severe stroke, the family of WABC/Ch. 7 legend says Gil Noble will no longer be able to host the long-running public affairs show "Like It Is." Noble's loved ones, along with his attorney, told WABC/Ch. 7 general manager David Davis last week that Noble would not return to the show.

Diversity on runways always a grey area. (The Sydney Morning Herald)
SIX months ago, Keli Goff, a blogger, political commentator and self-appointed fashion-industry watchdog, chided designers for their near-exclusion of black models on the runways.

Baking Battle: Student Group Under Fire For Its Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale
Baking Battle: Student Group Under Fire For Its Anti-Affirmative Action Bake Sale (Time)
On Tuesday, a group of student Republicans will host a bake sale that sells pastries priced by the buyer's gender or race.

DOE Begins To Consider Closing 20 More Public Schools


Department of Education officials say they have started "engagement" conversations with 20 struggling schools, which means they are considering closing these schools down for good. Most are in low-income neighborhoods and serve a high percentage of struggling students. | See which schools may be closed.

DOE Begins To Consider Closing 20 More Public Schools
Thu, 29 Sep 2011 03:54:27 GMT

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harlem - News

Harlem - News September 28, 2011

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Union Settlement Honored by Street Naming (NY Non-Profit Press)
New York City has honored Union Settlement Association, East Harlem's oldest and largest social services provider, by adopting legislation officially re-naming East 104th Street between Second and Third Avenues as "Union Settlement Way."A Union Settlement has been located on this same street since 1895, and the block currently includes the agency's ... (more)

NY children's museum plans exhibit in Harlem (The Hour Online)
NEW YORK -- The Children's Museum of Manhattan says it plans to open a permanent exhibition at a Harlem housing project that will focus on health and literacy.The 2,000-square-foot installation at the James Weldon Johnson Houses will be funded by a $565,000 federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Students’ Knowledge of Civil Rights History Has Deteriorated, Study Finds


Ignorance by American students of the basic history of the civil rights movement has worsened, according to a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Memorial Services for Troy Davis


NYC Memorial for Troy Davis
Saturday, October 1st, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm Riverside Church, Assembly Hall, 490 Riverside Drive (Enter on Claremont Ave @ 122nd Street), New York 

ORGANIZING MEETING to STOP THE NEW JIM CROW follows from 1:00-4:00 pm

In the words of Troy Davis: "I ask my family and friends to continue to fight this fight.

Saturday October 1, 11:00am

"Celebration of Life Service"
Jonesville Baptist Church
5201 Montgomery St., Savannah, Georgia

For those of you who cannot make it to Savannah, please wear an "I am Troy Davis" t-shirt or black armband with "Not in my name" written on it.

Those wishing to send cards or donations to the Davis family:

"I am Troy Davis," P.O. Box 2105, Savannah, GA 31407

Contributions to the Davis children's college savings accounts can be made payable to Martina Correia, put "college fund" in the memo.

Flowers and plants can be sent to:
Sidney A. Jones and Campbell Funeral Services
124 West Park Avenue, Savannah, GA 31401-6439
(912) 234-7226

"I AM TROY DAVIS!!! (Video Link):

Please continue to send letters by mail or fax to the State Board of Pardons and Paroles Dr. Musso at Rainbow Medical Associates.

Please download the sample letters, edit to include your name and address at the bottom, then print, sign, and mail or fax it to:

Letter to Parole Board -

Letter to Dr. Musso and Rainbow Medical Associates -

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles

Floyd Veterans Memorial Building

2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S.E.

Atlanta, GA 30334-4909

Fax: 404-651-6670

Dr. Carlo Musso, President, and Employees
9020 Peridot Parkway
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Fax: 770-692-4754



African-American - News

African-American - News September 28, 2011

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Putting on a Black Face
Putting on a Black Face (Auburn Journal)
He enjoyed performing in blackface makeup - a theatrical convention since the mid-19th century.

Judge says Cherokees violate voting rights, extends election (WHNT-TV Huntsville)
A federal judge ruled that the Cherokees violated the voting rights of African-American members of the nation's second-largest Indian tribe, and he ordered an extension to the voting for chief.

A cupcake sellout at 'inherently racist' bake sale by UC Berkeley Republicans (WFMZ-TV Allentown)
A provocative bake sale designed to satirize affirmative action resulted in no fisticuffs Tuesday, but it did prompt a sellout of 300 cupcakes and some heated debate at the University of California at Berkeley, the bake sale organizer said.

Whites no healthier than blacks in Canada: Study (Regina Leader Post)
Black people in Canada are at least as healthy as whites, hints a study that is a stark contrast to U.S. Statistics.

Obama Promotes Jobs Bill, Attacks Republican Policies
Obama Promotes Jobs Bill, Attacks Republican Policies (Voice of America)
President Barack Obama speaks at the 41st Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

Van Andel Institute researchers join fight against breast cancer that targets black women (MLive)
Van Andel Research Institute is taking part in a team effort targeting an aggressive form of breast cancer that strikes African Americans disproportionately.

Community united at gala (Mississauga)
On stage. Internationally-known jazz diva and Mississauga resident Liberty Silver was part of the entertainment on Saturday during the United Way of Peel Region's Black Community Advisory Council gala dinner.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Harlem - News

Harlem - News September 27, 2011

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Why is New York Called The Big Apple?
Why is New York Called The Big Apple? (Buzzle)
New York City is by far one of the most happening cities in the world. It is the place to be not just for your business, but also to live your life to the fullest.

Touro College Of Pharmacy In Harlem Announces Walgreens Diversity Scholarship To Ludovick Youmbi (Harlem World)
Touro College of Pharmacy in Harlem announced that Ludovick Youmbi, who will be a member of the school's first graduating class in 2012, has been chosen to receive the 2011 Walgreens Diversity Scholarship.A The Walgreens Diversity Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to raise awareness of diversity and community outreach.

Koch To Back Obama In Re-Election Bid


Despite his recent criticism of President Barack Obama's stance on Israel, former Mayor Ed Koch now says he will endorse the president's bid for re-election.

Koch To Back Obama In Re-Election Bid
Tue, 27 Sep 2011 19:41:55 GMT

Rats Invade Subway While MTA Chases Its Tail

TWU: Rats Invade Subway While MTA Chases Its Tail


    The Chief-Leader/Michel Friang

    ‘IT’S ABOUT TIME’: Local 100 Steward and Train Conductor Scott Harris collected signatures from riders at the Jamaica Center subway terminal. One woman, while signing the petition urging the MTA to deal with the growing rat problem, said, ‘For real, one ran across my foot!’

Posted: Monday, September 26, 2011 5:00 pm | Updated: 4:55 pm, Mon Sep 26, 2011.

By FLORA FAIR | 0 comments

A straphanger was bitten by a rat on a subway platform earlier this month, and transit workers say that unless the Metropolitan Transportation Authority takes action, it won’t be the last time.

The young woman said she was waiting for the J train at the Chambers Street station during morning rush hour when the rat scurried out from under a bench and bit her foot. But the problem, according to Transport Workers Union Local 100 officials, isn’t a rogue rodent—it’s the increasing aggression of a growing rat population in the city’s subway stations, exacerbated by conditions that the union has repeatedly asked the MTA to fix.

United Hispanic Construction Workers Denies Extortion Charges


Prosecutors called the group a baseball-bat-wielding criminal enterprise that threatened and extorted its way onto construction sites across Manhattan and the Bronx.

Splendors of Ghana in the Bronx

Splendors of Ghana in the Bronx

Even newcomers to Ghanaian food can eat well at Accra in the Bronx, bigjeff assures us. Just put yourself in the hands of the engaging staff—they won't steer you wrong. "Wow, what flavors!" marvels bigjeff, who savored a rich and spicy afternoon feast with friends. One highlight was a knockout version of Jollof rice, a West African standard that was topped with fried cassava powder, which gave the dish an intriguing texture. Spinach with egusi (pumpkin seeds) is another must-order because it is "fresh and tender and totally green, yet totally infused with flavor." The restaurant's smoked turkey tail might come as a revelation to anyone who has only experienced turkey in its Thanksgiving holiday guise; at Accra, it's deeply delicious and full of "bacony goodness."

Everything's meant to be eaten with starchy mashes like fufu (made of rice, plantain, or the tuberous cocoyam, among other things) and sour, fermented banku (cornmeal and grated cassava tuber). These are an especially good foil for the fiery pepper soup with beef and cow foot, or the palm nut soup with beef, which gets a kick from dried fish. Amp up the seasoning of these dishes with shito, a deep-red and smoky—but not incendiary—Chile paste. The kitchen doesn't hit high gear until midafternoon or evening, bigjeff notes, so don't arrive too early if you want to see the full offering of stews, starches, and roasts.

Some may find Ghanaian fare on the heavy side—that was soopling's first take on Accra. But the flavors left a positive impression, and a "day or two later, I started craving it! SO many interesting things to try," soopling says.

Accra [Bronx]
2041 Davidson Avenue (at W. Burnside Avenue), Bronx

.African-American - News

African-American - News September 27, 2011

See African-American Weather

Roswell pub accused of racial discrimination (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
A black woman claims she was hired by a Roswell restaurant and bar, but then fired before she started work because of the color of her skin.

State poverty rate up (Charleston Daily Mail)
About 326,000 West Virginians lived in poverty in 2010, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Faison setting the stage to tell Harlem story
Faison setting the stage to tell Harlem story (NY Daily News)
George Faison wants black Harlem to share its story with the world - and possibly save its youth and make some money in the telling.

Pay-By-Race Bake Sale Sparks Firestorm (TurnTo23)
And the controversial "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans is still on, the club's president said, despite "grossly misguided comments" and threats aimed at supporters of the University of California, Berkeley, student group.

African-American network "Bounce TV" debuts Monday (Business Journal)
Atlanta-based Bounce TV, a free broadcast network targeting African-Americans ages 25 to 54, debuts at noon Monday with the airing of the 1970s movie "The Wiz," reports The Associated Press.

Longtime Richmond gadfly now on the other side of the podium but still making trouble
Longtime Richmond gadfly now on the other side of the podium but still making trouble (Contra Costa Times)
Richmond City Council Member Corky Booze listens to comments during a public safety committee meeting in Richmond, Calif., on Wednesday, Sept.

James Farmer Book Signing at The Corner Bookstore


Please join Deborah Roberts of ABC News for a Traditional Southern Toast and book signing for James Farmer’s “A TIME TO PLANT: SOUTHERN -STYLE GARDEN LIVING," the Wall Street Journal’s #2 Best Seller...
Event Date & Time: 09/27/2011 06:00 PM
Location: The Corner Bookstore, 1313 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10128

James Farmer Book Signing at The Corner Bookstore
Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:41:41 GMT