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Fwd: Notice of McAfee Class Action Settlement.

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Subject: Notice of McAfee Class Action Settlement.
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 15:59:49 -0500
From: McAfee Class Action Settlement Claims Administrator <>

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Personal Identification #: BOT007299926

Confirmation Code: 30027
Class Action Settlement Notice
If you bought McAfee or Intel Security software between January 10, 2010 and February 10, 2015, you may be entitled to benefits from a class action settlement.
You must file a Cash Election Form to receive a cash payment.
To file a Cash Election Form, click here.
Read this notice carefully, as it affects your rights.
For more information, visit or call 1-844-343-1478
WHAT IS THIS CASE ABOUT? Two consumers filed class action lawsuits saying that McAfee engaged in certain unfair practices about auto-renewal charges and the advertising of discounts and reference prices. McAfee denies that it did anything wrong. The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.
WHO IS INCLUDED? You are in the "Auto-Renewal Class" if you are in the United States and you: (1) were charged by McAfee for the auto-renewal of any McAfee or Intel Security software from January 10, 2010 to February 10, 2015; (2) your first auto-renewal charge was at a higher price than the price you paid McAfee for your initial software subscription; and (3) that auto-renewal charge was not fully refunded to you by McAfee or fully credited to you on your credit or debit card.
You are in the "Reference Price Class" if you are in the United States and: (1) you purchased from McAfee or manually renewed through McAfee a subscription for any McAfee or Intel Security software from January 10, 2010 to February 10, 2015, and (2) you paid a discounted price for that purchase or manual renewal.
If you received this notice, you have been identified as being in both the Auto-Renewal Class and the Reference Price Class, based on McAfee's records.
WHAT DOES THE SETTLEMENT PROVIDE? McAfee has agreed to provide an $11.50 settlement benefit to all class members in the Auto-Renewal Class. You can elect to receive the $11.50 settlement benefit as cash, but only if you file a Cash Election Form by no later than December 23, 2016. Eligible class members who don't file a Cash Election Form will instead receive an $11.50 McAfee value certificate good towards the purchase of McAfee or Intel Security consumer products. In addition, McAfee has agreed to implement certain practice changes concerning auto-renewal transactions and pricing advertisements. For more information, visit
HOW DO I RECEIVE A CASH PAYMENT? You must file a Cash Election Form to receive a cash payment. There are two ways to file a Cash Election Form: (1) File online, at; or (2) Print a Cash Election Form, available at, fill it out, and mail it (with postage) to the address listed on the Cash Election Form. Cash Election Forms must be filed online or postmarked by December 23, 2016. If you file online, you can choose to receive the cash payment as a check or as a direct credit to your PayPal account. For Cash Election Forms filed by mail, cash payments will be made by check. Only eligible class members will receive payments.
YOUR OTHER OPTIONS. If you don't want to receive a cash payment or other settlement benefits and don't want to be bound by the settlement and any judgment in this case, you must send a written request to exclude yourself from one or both classes, postmarked no later than November 28, 2016. If you exclude yourself, you will not receive benefits from the settlement. If you don't exclude yourself, you will give up the right to sue McAfee and related entities about any of the issues related to this case. If you don't exclude yourself, you may object to the settlement or to the request for fees and costs by Class Counsel. The detailed class notice, available at, explains how to exclude yourself or object. The Court will hold a hearing in the case (Williamson v. McAfee, Inc., Case No. 14 cv 158 EJD; Kirby v. McAfee, Inc., Case No. 14 cv 2475 EJD) on January 26, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., to consider whether to approve: (1) the settlement; (2) attorneys' fees and costs of up to $2,400,000 for Class Counsel, to be paid by McAfee in addition to the benefits provided to class members; and (3) service awards of $1,250 each for the two class representatives in this case. You may appear at the hearing, but you don't have to. The Court has appointed attorneys (called "Class Counsel") to represent the class members. These attorneys are listed in the detailed class notice. You may hire your own attorney to appear for you, but if you do so, it will be at your own expense.
WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION? For more information, visit or call

A federal court authorized this notice. This isn't a solicitation from a lawyer. You aren't being sued.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fwd: Joseph, Help Victims of Hurricane Matthew: Donations Matched

Donate Today
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Donate Today
Donate Today
Last week we watched as Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc across the Caribbean — especially Haiti — and in the southeastern United States.

The destruction in Haiti has been devastating, with hundreds of people killed and tens of thousands left homeless. In the U.S. — from Florida to the Carolinas — more than 2 million people were forced to leave their homes in the largest mandatory evacuation since Hurricane Sandy. As the evacuations are lifted, hundreds of thousands of people are returning to find their homes without power, damaged or destroyed.

Recognizing the immediate and longer-term challenges so many will face in the coming days, weeks and months — especially people over age 50 who have been affected — AARP Foundation responded with the creation of a relief fund to support the victims devastated by Hurricane Matthew. To meet their needs, AARP and AARP Foundation will match — dollar for dollar — contributions up to a total of $500,000.

Working with the AARP state offices and international relief organizations in the affected areas, we will direct 100 percent of all funds raised to organizations providing relief and recovery support to disaster victims. Every dollar will make a difference. Contact Us

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Fwd: Notify NYC - Silver Alert

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Subject: Notify NYC - Silver Alert
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 05:02:12 -0400
From: Notify NYC <>

Silver Alert issued 10/13/16  4:57 AM.

A Silver Alert has been issued for Thomas Leonard, a 77-year-old black male from East New York Avenue and Mother Gaston Boulevard in Brooklyn. The missing has dementia and may be in need of medical attention.

Description: 5'7" tall, 190lbs, medium build, balding with black hair and a mustache. He wears eye glasses and was last seen wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans, a blue Kangol hat and black shoes.

Last Seen: East New York Avenue and Mother Gaston Boulevard at approximately 11:00AM on 10/12.


If you see the missing person, please call call 9-1-1.

To view this message in American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, or Yiddish, please visit:

The sender provided the following contact information.

Sender's Name: Notify NYC
Sender's Email:
Sender's Contact Phone: 1(212) 639-9675

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fwd: Exhibition Opens Tomorrow: African-American Fine Art, October 1-6

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Subject: Exhibition Opens Tomorrow: African-American Fine Art, October 1-6
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 14:00:26 -0000
From: Nigel Freeman - Swann Auction Galleries <>

Fine Art
Swann Auction Galleries
Exhibition Opens
Saturday, October 1
Exhibition Hours
Saturday  October 1  12 - 5
Monday  October 3  10 - 6
Tuesday  October 4  10 - 6
Wednesday  October 5  10 - 6
Thursday  October 6  10 - 12
Auction Thursday
October 6 - 2:30 pm
Nigel Freeman, Specialist
212 254 4710 ext. 33
Wadsworth Jarrell
Untitled (African Rhythm,
Our Heritage)
, 1973 - Lot  87
Swann Galleries
Facebook     Twitter     Tumblr     Instagram
104 East 25th St, New York, NY 10010  212 254 4710
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Swann Auction Galleries | 104 East 25th Street | New York, NY 10010 | 212 254-4710

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