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Fwd: Fwd: Bill Withers Tribute - Carnegie Hall - 10/1



42 years after the release of Bill Withers' seminal 'Live At Carnegie Hall' LP, the iconic, yet reclusive soul man will return to the same hallowed venue as part of a special tribute concert on October 1st. In celebration of Withers' recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the initial lineup includes Ed Sheeran, D'Angelo, Aloe Blacc, Sheryl Crow, Keb 'Mo', Michael McDonald, Gregory Porter, Kathy Mattea, Ledisi and Dr. John with more names to be revealed soon. This prolific group of musicians will be performing 'Live At Carnegie Hall' in its entirety (plus additional Withers classics). In a rare public appearance, Withers himself will be in attendance and participate.

Presented by Michael Dorf of City Winery, the concert will benefit the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY). All net profits will go to the organization. Withers himself has stuttered since childhood and has been an important part of the SAY family for almost a decade. "Bill is a champion for all young people who stutter and has been a voice for more than 70 million people who stutter worldwide. SAY is honored to be part of what is sure to be a legendary night," said Taro Alexander, SAY Founder & President.

Greg Phillinganes will serve as musical director and house bandleader all night. Phillinganes is known for his work as musical director for Stevie Wonder and the late Michael Jackson. The show will be co-produced by Bill's wife Marcia, City Winery's Shlomo Lipetz, and Phillinganes himself.

Dorf is uniquely suited to create such an impressive and eclectic roster as a founder of two seminal NYC music venues: the Knitting Factory, which he started in 1987 and sold in 2002, and City Winery, which he founded in 2008 in NYC and now has locations in Chicago, Napa and Nashville. He has over 27 years of live programming experience for stages across the globe.

Initial Lineup:
Ed Sheeran
Aloe Blacc
Keb 'Mo'
Michael McDonald
Gregory Porter
Kathy Mattea
Dr. John
Branford Marsalis
Jonathan Butler
Anthony Hamilton

Attached is the initial press release and links to the NY Times article
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The BulLion Foundation

Carnegie Hall website:

Event website:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fwd: Is Damaged Money No Good?

Is Damaged Money No Good?

Submit a Mutilated Currency Claim and Get Your Money's Worth

Currency can be damaged in many ways, whether it's by fire, water, chemicals, animals or simple deterioration. Mutilated currency includes any type of damage that makes its value questionable.

Did you know that the U.S. Treasury Department's Bureau of Engraving and Printing examines and redeems mutilated currency at no cost to you?

If you have damaged currency that you inherited or found in your backyard, don't throw it away - you could be losing money! Learn more about mutilated currency and how to submit a claim. Keep in mind that the standard wait time for processing is 6 to 36 months. 

Fwd: Notify NYC - NYS Missing Vulnerable Adult

Alert issued 8/28/15 at 3:45 PM. The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services has issued a Missing Vulnerable Adult Alert in regards to the disappearance of Anselm George, a 75-year-old black male with dementia, from Brooklyn, NY. He is described as being 5'6" tall and 156lbs with gray hair, black eyes, and may appear confused and in need of medical attention. He was last seen in Brooklyn wearing a dark blue baseball hat and driving a gold 2002 Nissan Altima with NY registration PAP-002. A photo of the missing is available at If you see Mr. George, please call 9-1-1.

The sender provided the following contact information.
Sender's Name: Notify NYC
Sender's Email:
Sender's Contact Phone: (212) 639-9675

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Fwd: Circle of Sisters Gospel Explosion Tickets on sale NOW!


It’s the Circle of Sisters 2015 Gospel Explosion happening during Circle of Sisters Weekend. It all happens on Sunday, October 18 at the Jacob Javits Convetion Center in New York City. Don’t miss Anthony Brown & group therAPy, Tina Campbell, Tasha Cobbs, Brian Courtney Wilson, Karen Clark Sheard and Casey J â€" the BIGGEST names in Gospel Music!

Tickets for the Gospel Explosion are on sale NOW for only $10. Don't wait, purchase your tickets today before they run out!!


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Fwd: 'Seeing It Through' FREE Professional Development Workshop Series in September!

Sent by: Bronx Council on the Arts
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Seeing It Through is a curated professional development workshop series offering assistance to creative people, organizations, and those seeking cultural grants.

ccccccccccccc,cSaturday | September 19, 2015 | 12:00-2:00pm
Seeing Red:
Editing and Revising Your Fiction
w/ Richie Narvaez of Mystery Writers of America – New York

Poe Park Visitor Center
2640 Grand Concourse | 718-365-5516

You've finished a draft of your story, but don't send it out yet! You only have one chance to impress an agent or publisher. Take the time to edit and revise your manuscript. Find out what to look for and get some easy tips for how to fix plot holes, clunky language and other common mistakes. Bring a finished draft to work on!

Admission is Free, but RSVP is required.

cccccccccccccccSaturday | September 19, 2015 | 2:00-3:00pm
cArtist Statement vs. Bio
w/ Morgan Tachco of Brooklyn Arts Council

Morris Park Public Library
985 Morris Park Avenue | 718-931-0636

Geared toward individual artists, this workshop will address the difference between two very different tools: your artist statement and your biography. We'll address the audience for each, the necessity of having both, and how the practice of writing and maintaining these can inform your creative practice. Workshop will include writing exercises, and participants will leave with preliminary drafts.

Admission is Free, but RSVP is required.

cccccccccccc,cSaturday | September 26, 2015 | 2:00-3:30pm

Every Goal Has a Silver Lining
w/ writer, poet, and BCA teaching artist Orlando Ferrand

Poe Park Visitor Center
2640 Grand Concourse | 718-365-5516

I use my own experience and yours as a framework for the workshop/mini seminar. This highly interactive session will have a concrete emphasis on every stage of the process from concept idea and logistics to execution. However, the overall workshop goal is to provide participants with the know-how and tools necessary to develop attainable goals throughout a project's lifetime. Whether your work is made for traditional exhibition, publication and performance spaces or is pushing the boundaries into new territory, setting goals for your work is a crucial career development skill. There will be a consult and follow-up with attendees working on specific projects as well as on the spot coaching for those starting new projects, or brainstorming to start-up projects using prompts given in the workshop.

Admission is Free, but RSVP is required.



Contact Sabrina at 718.931.9500 x22 or

This series is made possible with funding from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, NYS Council on the Arts, the Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, Auchincloss Foundation, Inc., and NYC Council Members James Vacca, Andrew Cohen, Andy King and Melissa Mark-Viverito.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Teen plastic surgery peaks before heading back to school


The student body has never looked better. The start of the school year is the unofficial end of the summer plastic surgery season.

Teen plastic surgery peaks before heading back to school
Mon, 24 Aug 2015 22:22:03 GMT

Fwd: FiveCentNickel: "8 questions to ask before lending money to friends"

FiveCentNickel: "8 questions to ask before lending money to friends"

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8 questions to ask before lending money to friends

Posted: 25 Aug 2015 01:00 AM PDT

It's one of the most awkward questions a friend can ask you: "Will you lend me some money?" Awkward for your friend to have to ask, and awkward for you to have to answer. Saying "no" could adversely affect your friendship. However, saying "yes" could also put a strain on your friendship, and your finances.

If you get asked that awkward question, you should follow up with eight questions of your own before you decide whether or not to lend a friend money.

1. Why does your friend need the money?

Sometimes, there is a clear, one-time need for which a timely loan can get your friend through a particular situation — for example, Bob has found the perfect house but is a couple thousand short on the down payment, or Jane's son needs dental surgery. Situations which are out of the ordinary and are not likely to recur at least suggest that a loan might be a one-time thing.

Unfortunately, more often when people turn to their friends for financial help, it is because of long-standing money problems. In that case, your loan is likely to be nothing more than a temporary stop-gap, leaving your friend with the same set of problems in a few months, and you with little chance of being repaid.

2. What other debts does your friend have?

If a friend comes to you for money, it may well be because he or she has exhausted all other sources of borrowing — meaning that the credit cards are maxed out, and possibly mortgage, car, or student loan payments are coming due.

If your friend owes money to credit card companies or lenders, you are probably going to have to stand in line behind them before any money you lend gets repaid — which significantly reduces your chances of seeing that money any time soon.

3. Is this an amount you can afford to lose?

Institutional lenders use a variety of techniques to assess loan risks, and they make thousands of loans. So the cost of the occasional bad loan can be absorbed by the money they make from interest on good loans.

You have neither those underwriting tools at your disposal, nor the opportunity to broadly diversify your lending risk. This makes a one-off type of loan especially risky, and you should not lend more in that situation than you could afford to lose.

4. How formal should the arrangement be?

This loan may be an understanding between friends, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't formalize it with a signed, written agreement. Aside from protecting your financial interests, it can be important to the friendship to document your understanding in a way that ensures you both remember things the same way after some time has passed.

5. Should you charge interest?

Remember, there is an inflation cost and possibly an opportunity cost to tying up your money. Charging interest need not mean profiting at your friend's expense. It can simply be a way of recouping the cost of having the money unavailable for a while.

One argument in favor of formalizing the arrangement and charging interest is that, if you don't, the IRS may deem it a gift rather than a loan. If there is a large amount of money involved (the exemption limit is $14,000 for the 2015 tax year), this may mean having to pay gift tax — and the giver rather than the recipient is on the hook for gift taxes, so this could come out of your pocket.

6. What is the repayment schedule?

Part of the formal arrangement should be a repayment schedule. That way you both know what to expect about repayment terms.

7. Has your friend budgeted for repayment?

Another benefit of a repayment schedule is that it can serve as a reality check. Once you have a repayment schedule worked out, it is fair to ask your friend how he or she intends to find the money for those payments — especially if that friend has been having financial problems already.

8. Which will affect your friendship more: saying no or saying yes?

It might seem to be the path of least resistance to say yes, but saying no means you can both quickly put the incident behind you. On the other hand, a burdensome loan could prove to be an ongoing strain on the relationship for years to come.

Consider the alternatives

If the analytical approach described above seems too hard-headed, consider an alternative besides saying yes or no to a loan: simply giving your friend the money. If your friendship is close enough that you really want to help, giving rather than lending money allows you both to move forward with no strings attached.

On the other hand, if simply giving the money away is not something you can afford, you should think very analytically about lending the money. If things go wrong, a bad loan to a friend could cost you both the money and the friendship.