Wednesday, July 31, 2013

George Zimmerman Is Now Speeding Around Texas With a Gun

Acquitted Florida shooter George Zimmerman was stopped for speeding in Texas over the weekend but got off with a warning, TMZ reports, after informing police that he had a gun in his glove compartment and was headed "nowhere in particular." Be careful, Texas. Read more posts by Joe Coscarelli Filed Under: guns ,Texas ,George Zimmerman

Lexington Ave. Block's' retail vacancy soars

Lexington Ave. Between 100th and 101st Sts. Has almost entirely lost its commercial sector as eight of the block's nine retail spaces either vacant or about to bite the dust — all citing high rents.     

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Washington Heights' First Hotel To Be Constructed Near Area Medical Facilities

Washington Heights' First Hotel To Be Constructed Near Area Medical Facilities

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday for Washington Heights' first hotel, which signals a new kind of development for the area and will eventually accommodate families with patients in nearby hospitals.

Washington Heights' First Hotel To Be Constructed Near Area Medical Facilities
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 18:25:07 GMT

Everyone in the swim in Washington Heights

Everyone in the swim in Washington Heights

A long shuttered pool inside a Washington Heights school building will get a $7 million facelift — and serve the public.

Everyone in the swim in Washington Heights
Mon, 29 Jul 2013 22:34:56 GMT

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fw: Bronx event: GMO food labels in NY?


Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

Demand your right to know in New York

Join us tomorrow at a public hearing in the Bronx to stand up for your right to know what's in your food. Show lawmakers that you want genetically engineered food labeled, so you have a choice in what you eat.

Dear NAT,

The majority of Americans want to know if our food is genetically engineered. And 64 countries – including China and the entire European Union – already require GE foods be labeled.

So why is industry fighting so hard to keep 'genetically engineered' off the label in New York? Are they worried you might actually know what you're buying, and choose food, fish and meat that hasn't been altered from its natural state?

A bill has been introduced that would give New Yorkers the right to know what they're buying and eating. And a hearing will be held TOMORROW in the BRONX so we can show lawmakers – and industry – that New Yorkers want genetically engineered food labeled.

Help us pack the hearing room with people who support GE labeling. You can bet industry will be there trying to kill the bill. Also, Consumer Reports own scientist, Dr. Michael Hansen, will also be testifying about the potential risks of GE foods.

Bronx hearing on labeling GE food
10 a.m.,Tuesday July 30,
Lehman College, East Dining Room
250 Bedford Park Blvd West
Bronx, NY 10468

Let's make sure this public hearing is a success by filling the room with New Yorkers demanding your right to know. Thank you for standing with us in support of common-sense labeling.

For more information, check out these details on the hearing from our colleagues at Food and Water Watch. 


Jean Halloran, Consumers Union
Policy and Action from Consumer Reports

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About Consumers Union

Consumers Union, 506 W. 14th Street, Austin, TX 78701

United States 1, Panama 0: One Goal, but Plenty for U.S. to Celebrate in Gold Cup Final

United States 1, Panama 0: One Goal, but Plenty for U.S. to Celebrate in Gold Cup Final

Landon Donovan was the driving force behind Brek Shea’s goal, which broke a scoreless tie in a game marked by sluggish play and gave the United States its fifth Gold Cup title.

United States 1, Panama 0: One Goal, but Plenty for U.S. to Celebrate in Gold Cup Final
Mon, 29 Jul 2013 01:14:25 GMT

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Man swims length of Bronx River - and lives!

Baron Ambrosia, the host of culinary adventure show "Bronx Flavor," successfully swam the Bronx River Saturday, becoming the first person in recorded history to swim the borough's namesake sluice from end to end.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The real race hustlers.

Bill O'Reilly is trying to represent our white brothers and sisters in this conversation on race. Billo has been talking tough about race all week and he has been attacking the "black civil rights establishment" for profiting off of racial divisions. (Pot meet kettle) Of course Bill O'Reilly is not alone. His ideological soul mate, Rush Limbaugh, has been throwing in his two cents as well. Still, it's Bill O'Reilly who has been the most passionate about this subject. "An unusually crazed, agitated O'Reilly declared that the plight of black America "has nothing to do with slavery. It has everything to do with you Hollywood people and you derelict parents… Race hustlers and the grievance industry," he went on, "have intimidated the so-called 'conversation,' turning any valid criticism of African-American culture into charges of racial bias," leaving African-Americans to "fend for themselves in violent neighborhoods." I can't wait to hear the ignorant O'Reilly generalize more about "African American culture." But I agree with O'Reilly about "race hustlers and the grievance industry" being the problem here – only we define them differently. Bill-O himself is a consummate race hustler and grievance peddler, pushing the drug of racial grievance to white people, making himself rich by worsening racial tension. He's second only to Rush Limbaugh in terms of spewing ignorance to a vast, frightened audience. Yep, that about sums it up. Anyway Bill, we would love to have this open and honest dialogue on race with you and your peeps, but you have got to stop preaching to us and acting as if you and your ilk have clean hands in this racial conundrum we find ourselves in. I am starting to think...I take that back' I know that Rush and O'Reilly are the real race hustlers. They have profited and built an entire industry around scaring white folks and playing us against them. Oh, and Bill, you will have to tell your people to stop killing (and trying to kill) our children. With the Trayvon Martin verdict fresh in our minds, we have yet another case of "color arousal" causing someone in the majority population to take the life of a young African American male. "Merritt Landry shot a 14-year-old boy who was standing near his car. He shot the young teen in the head. Merritt Landry has been booked with attempted second degree murder.   This comes less than two weeks after the Trayvon Martin verdict. "A Marigny homeowner has been booked with attempted second-degree murder after he shot a 14-year-old boy in the head early Friday, police said. The homeowner's friends and neighbors said the owner believed the teen was an intruder. The teenager remains hospitalized in critical condition, police said. New Orleans police arrested Merritt Landry, 33, a building inspector for the Historic District Landmarks Commission, after conducting multiple interviews and reviewing crime scene evidence, including a single spent casing at the scene, NOPD spokeswoman Remi Braden said. Police said the teen was near Landry's vehicle when he was shot. Landry's friends said the vehicle was in the driveway behind a gate just a few feet from the house's backdoor." [Source] People like Merrit Landry sure make it hard for us to have our kumbaya moment.   

FAA Certifies First 2 Types Of Drones For Civilian Use

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators say they have certified two types of unmanned aircraft for civilian use, a milestone expected to lead to the first approved commercial drone operations later this summer. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday the drones are Insitu's Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment's PUMA. Both weigh less than 55 pounds, are about 4.5 feet long and have wingspans of 9 to 10 feet. Read More... More on Drones

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Interactive Map Breaks Down, Analyzes NYPD Crash Data

The NYPD's been burping out monthly crash data since City Council mandated they publish collision information back in 2011. But if you need something a little more comprehensive than an Excel spreadsheet or PDF to pinpoint problematic intersections, you're in luck—a new collision map will let you analyze two years of NYPD crash data, breaking down the information by category and highlighting crash-prone areas via heat map. [ more › ]     

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fw: Northern Manhattan Parks July 25th through the 31st

Northern Manhattan Parks
Movie Nights, Swimming, Boating, Dancing, Concerts and more in
Northern Manhattan Parks!
Dyckman Marina
La Marina Boating
Summer 2013 Moorings, Sailing Center & Boat Ramp
Sailing center and mooring operations have begun. Dock slips will be
ready in spring 2014. Further information will be available shortly.
The boat ramp has opened. Please note advance reservations are
required. For more information, visit
Highbridge Park
Senior Splash
Thursday July 25 through August 22, 2013
(at Highbridge Pool on Amsterdam Ave. and W. 173rd Street), Manhattan
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Free swim: 9 - 10 a.m.
Senior aquatics class: 10 - 10:45 a.m
During summer, we reserve time at many of our outdoor public pools for
senior use (ages 62 and over). Senior Splash offers water exercise
classes and swim instruction for senior citizens, taught by qualified
water instructors. Additional activities include lap swimming and
water ballet. Register at the pool during program hours.
Volunteer Here!
Want to help Northern Manhattan Parks become even better? Join us at
these upcoming volunteer events.
Forest Crew
at Laurel Hill Terrace (in Highbridge Park), Manhattan
Saturday, July 27, 2013
12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
From Porcelainberry to Multiflora Rose and Oriental Bittersweet, the
Highbridge Forest Crew works to remove these invasive plants and
others from the park and to care for recently planted native trees.
The Forest Crew will learn basic invasive and native plant
identification, proper removal techniques and an overview of NYRP's
approach to urban reforestation. Anyone interested in forest ecology,
invasive plant removal, and urban forests should attend and join the
Forest Crew in their work every Saturday afternoon. RSVP by emailing
Bennett , J. Hood Wright and Mitchell Square Parks
Delving into Bennett, Mitchell, & J.Hood Wright Parks' Past
with Sidney Horenstein
at 184th Street Entrance (in Bennett Park), Manhattan
Thursday, July 25
6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Join Sidney Horenstein, geologist and Educator Emeritus, American
Museum of Natural History, as he leads his geology, history and
natural history walk through Bennett, Mitchell, and J. Hood Wright
These small parks are rich in history and geological features. See the
highest point of land on Manhattan Island, naturalized (imported)
rocks that add to NYC's history and classical examples of glacially
sculptured bedrock.
This program is generously supported by the Greenacre Foundation and
the Fort Tryon Park Trust.
Meet at the 184th Street Entrance in Bennett Park.
For more information please call (212) 795-1388 or email
J. Hood Wright Park
Summer Movie Series: Surf's Up
at J. Hood Wright Recreation Center (in J. Hood Wright Park),
Friday, July 26, 2013
8:00 p.m.
Watch a movie in the great outdoors! Join us for our citywide Summer
Movie Series featuring family-friendly films through August. Admission
is free! Please feel free to bring your own snacks and comfy chairs or
blankets, as a limited number of chairs will be available.
In Surf's Up, a surfing penguin currently riding the wave of success
enters his first professional competition in this computer-animated
family-oriented comedy from directors Chris Buck and Ash Brannon. Cody
Maverick (Shia LaBeouf) may be a relative amateur when it comes to
hanging ten, but he's sure he has what it takes to surf his way to
superstardom. With a little help from his cantankerous King Penguin
mentor, ex-surfing legend Big Z (Jeff Bridges), and a little
encouragement from star Pen Gu Island lifeguard Lani (Zooey
Deschanel), there may be hope for this tuxedo-clad wave twister after
James Woods, Jane Krakowski, Michael McKean, Jon Heder, Mario Cantone,
and Brian Benben all lend their voices to this inspirational tale that
proves anything is possible when you put your heart and mind to it. J.
Hood Wright Recreation Center in J. Hood Wright Park is located at 351
Fort Washington Avenue.
For more information call (718) 965-8935.
CityParks Puppet Mobile Presents Little Red's Hood
at J Hood Wright Park (in J. Hood Wright Park), Manhattan
Monday, July 29, 10:30 a.m.
CityParks PuppetMobile, one of the only traveling puppet theaters in
the country, brings Swedish Cottage productions and puppet making
workshops to all corners of the city, free of charge. Traveling the
five boroughs of the city in a PuppetMobile equipped with a stage and
staff of professional puppeteers, we bring entertainment to 50,000
children and families each year.
The current production of "Little Red's Hood" is an updated take of
the classic story, "Little Red Riding Hood," fresh for urban
audiences. Come watch this original show created specifically for the
PuppetMobile and find out what happens. The production includes a
dozen handmade marionette puppets.
Little Red's Hood is directed by Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre's
Artistic Director Bruce Cannon and written by Liam Hurley. No
reservations necessary.
For more information call 212-795-1388 ext 305 or email
Fort Tryon Park
5th Annual Stan Michels Memorial Concert
at Stan Michels Promenade (in Fort Tryon Park), Manhattan
Saturday, July 27, 1:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
Join the Fort Tryon Park Trust, New York City Parks & Recreation and
the Michels family in celebrating the late Council Member Stan Michels
at the fifth annual memorial jazz concert performed by local
impresario Marjorie Eliot and her ensemble. The jazz is hot and the
setting is cool, underneath the majestic elms on the promenade
alongside the beautiful Heather Garden and overlooking the Hudson
Stan Michels represented northern Manhattan in the City Council for 24
years from 1978 through 2001. He was chair of the Committee on
Environmental Protection, and his legislative record was notable for
his work fighting on behalf of tenants, for the expansion of the
city's recycling program, for the protection of our water supply and
cleaner air, and against childhood lead poisoning, smoking in public
places and unreasonable noise. He also was a steadfast advocate for
parks, allocating over $50 million for park improvements in Washington
Heights, Inwood and Harlem, including virtually every playground in
his district. The promenade where this concert is being held was named
in his honor shortly before he passed away on August 1, 2008.
We hope you can be with us to remember Stan on the fifth anniversary
of his passing. This program will be accessible to people with
disabilities. Stan Michels Promenade in Fort Tryon Park
For more information call (212) 795-1388 x305 or email
Isadora Duncan Children's Dance Class
at Broadway & Dongan Place (in Fort Tryon Park), Manhattan
Wednesday, July 31
10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
Inspired by the natural movements of the human body, Isadora Duncan
created a style of dance filled with joyful, rhythmical movements.
These skipping, running, and leaping, free, lyrical, and expressive
upper body movements make it a great activity for children.
Wear comfortable clothes which are appropriate for the weather.
Footwear should be flexible and easy to move in, such as ballet flats
or comfortable sandals. This class is for children ages 4-10. Parents
are responsible for the supervision of their children during the
Morgana Rose is a certified teacher and company member of The Isadora
Duncan Dance Company with Artistic Director Lori Belilove. Please
Note: The location of this program has been relocated to Dongan Lawn
at the entrance near the intersection of Broadway and Dongan Place.
For more information call (212) 795-1388 or email
Inwood Hill Park
Evening Yoga
Tuesday, July 30
6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
at Indian Road Lawn (in Inwood Hill Park), Manhattan
This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Wear comfortable
clothing. Bring your own mat and water. No class in case of rain.
Please follow us on Facebook for most up-to-date weather info.
For more information call (212) 569-4112 or email
Family Capoeira
at Indian Road Lawn (in Inwood Hill Park), Manhattan
Wednesday, July 24
6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
Capoeira is a unique Brazilian art form that has evolved over
centuries into an exciting combination of martial arts, dance, music,
and acrobatics. Capoeira was developed in Brazil, but its history
extends to Africa and tribes from Angola. Slaves living on Brazilian
Plantations who weren't allowed to openly practice traditional forms
of self-defense developed an ingenious method of disguising their
training by combining it with dance-like movements, singing, and the
rhythms of primitive instruments. Some of capoeira's benefits include
strength, flexibility, stamina, overall fitness and confidence.
Benefits of capoeira for kids include promoting social interaction and
sense of belonging, building confidence, discipline and self esteem,
promoting a healthy lifestyle so children become active, and healthy,
and develop cultural awareness and tolerance. Wear comfortable
clothing. For more information call (212) 569-4112 or email
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Word Up Bookstore begins its next chapter

Word Up Bookstore begins its next chapter

Just when it seemed like it had been written out of the story, a popular Washington Heights nonprofit bookstore has managed to make a comeback.

Word Up Bookstore begins its next chapter
Wed, 24 Jul 2013 21:58:45 GMT

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 NYC hospitals to offer veggie 'prescriptions'

2 NYC hospitals to offer veggie 'prescriptions'

Two New York City hospitals are joining a national program that lets doctors write high-risk, low-income patients prescriptions for fruits and vegetables. The pilot program is being launched by Harlem Hospital and Lincoln Medical Center.

2 NYC hospitals to offer veggie 'prescriptions'
Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:51:56 GMT

Unmanned subways to get remote help

Unmanned subways to get remote help

Relief on the way for parents pushing children in strollers and other riders who encounter inconveniences at 54 subway stations that feature entrances not staffed by token booth clerks, officials said Monday.

Unmanned subways to get remote help
Tue, 23 Jul 2013 08:16:54 GMT

Monday, July 22, 2013

Firefighter Injured In Raging Hamilton Heights Blaze


Firefighter Injured In Raging Hamilton Heights BlazeFirefighter Injured In Raging Hamilton Heights Blaze A five-alarm fire on the top floor of a Hamilton Heights apartment building has sent one firefighter to the hospital—and it's still burning. [ more › ]

Firefighter Injured In Raging Hamilton Heights Blaze
Lauren Evans
Mon, 22 Jul 2013 22:32:00 GMT

"Miscommunication" Led To NYC Board Of Elections Shredding 20 Pages Of GOP Petitions

"Miscommunication" Led To NYC Board Of Elections Shredding 20 Pages Of GOP Petitions

First the Brooklyn Board of Elections office was unearthing old votes... and now they're shredding new signatures. Mere weeks after the Daily News reported the Board's Brooklyn outpost dug up nearly 1,600 uncounted votes from 2012, the agency confirms a Board worker in the same office ...

"Miscommunication" Led To NYC Board Of Elections Shredding 20 Pages Of GOP Petitions
The Daily Politics
Tue, 23 Jul 2013 00:34:45 GMT

Robert Pruitt's Cosmic Cool 'Women' Come To The Studio Museum In Harlem (PHOTOS)

Robert Pruitt's Cosmic Cool 'Women' Come To The Studio Museum In Harlem (PHOTOS)

Is it possible to be a shape-shifter while remaining strongly grounded at the same time? Robert Pruitt's crayon series, simply entitled "Women," shows such an existence is not just possible -- it is everywhere.

robert pruitt

Pruitt's portraits of contemporary African American women incorporate science fiction, hip-hop, 1960s black power, comic book culture and a romantic allegiance to realism. Conjuring the cultural influences that construct identity, Pruitt presents feminine strength from the inside colliding with external forces to create a captivating and fantastical portrait.


Robert Pruitt's Cosmic Cool 'Women' Come To The Studio Museum In Harlem (PHOTOS)
The Huffington Post News Editors
Mon, 22 Jul 2013 12:06:33 GMT