Thursday, April 30, 2015

Freddie Gray Severed His Own Spine

Freddie Gray Severed His Own Spine Just Like Steve Biko Died of a 'Hunger Strike' By Lori Price, | 30 April 2015 | On Wednesday we read: A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray "banging against the walls" of the vehicle and believed that he "was intentionally trying to injure himself," according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post. (See: Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was 'banging against the walls' during ride 29 April 2015.) Are we to actually believe that while in police custody, 25-year-old African American Freddie Gray severed his own spinal cord -- and crushed his own larynx, too? Recall a death decades earlier of South African anti-apartheid activist, Stephen Bantu Biko. The founder of the Black Consciousness Movement also died in police custody -- and the cause of his death was similarly reported as 'self-inflicted' -- due to an alleged hunger strike.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fwd: Freddie Gray

It has been more than two weeks since Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray and no officer has been fired, arrested, or prosecuted. Local officials don't even have answers to the most basic questions: Why did police violently arrest Gray? Why was this healthy 25-year-old's voice box crushed, his spleen ruptured and 80% of his spine severed after 45 minutes with Baltimore law enforcement? 1

The lack of accountability for Gray's killing is unacceptable and the solution to Baltimore's policing crisis is not martial law or more militarized policing. Right now, we need widespread public pressure to ensure the necessary leadership and independent oversight to bring Gray's killers to justice and overhaul the Baltimore Police Department. Without independent oversight it's unlikely that Gray's killers will be held accountable. Local prosecutors work too closely with police on a day to day basis to hold them accountable — and they almost never do.2

Demand that Governor Hogan appoint Maryland's Attorney General to assist in the case.

Family holds signs that read justice for Freddie!

To be Black in Baltimore means every day is a risk. In a city overcome with racism, police violence, and a police union blocking reform,3 even the most simple activities — a walk down the street or the drive to work — could mean an unlawful arrest or deadly attack at the hands of law enforcement. According to an investigation by the Baltimore Sun, in just 5 years, 100 Baltimore residents have won $5.7 million worth of settlements relating to police brutality and civil rights. The stories are shocking, yet almost none of the officers were held accountable:4

  • Jerriel Lyles, who was attacked by police on his way out of a convenience store: "The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye."
  • Starr Brown, a pregnant woman slammed to the ground and kneed in the back by police after calling them for help: "They slammed me down on my face...The skin was gone on my face"
  • An 87-year-old grandmother, who was attacked after calling an ambulance for her wounded son, was told: "B****, you ain't no better than any of the other old black b**** I have locked up."

Following Freddie Gray's killing, a community tired of living under siege and facing decades of employment discrimination and decimated public housing is rising up to demand change.5 Last night, as the National Guard moved into Baltimore, images of militarized police tear gassing and beating protestors, fires, and outrage once again flashed across our TV screens. The best way to restore peace to Baltimore is for Governor Hogan and local leadership to undo the structural racism targeting its people. But right now, police are preparing to announce even harsher measures to crack down on the protests — like a curfew for youth6 — that will likely continue to escalate an already unacceptable level of confrontation and violence between police and citizens.

Protestors in Baltimore are showing the same courageous resistance and vision for a better country that we see coming out of Ferguson, Madison, New York, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and other cities across the country. And just as in Ferguson, justice for the brutal police killing of Freddie Gray depends on Governor Hogan's leadership to do more than ramp up law enforcement.

Tell Governor Hogan and Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby to bring in Attorney General Brian Frosh to help secure justice for Freddie Gray.

Thanks and peace,

— Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Lyla, Shani, and the rest of the ColorOfChange team

April 28th, 2015

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1. "Nonviolence as Compliance," The Atlantic 04-27-2015

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Fwd: Notify NYC - Silver Alert

Silver Alert issued 4/26/15 at 2:25 AM. NYPD has issued a Silver Alert in regards to the disappearance of Pedro Sanabria, a 72-year-old Hispanic male who has dementia, high blood pressure and diabetes. He was last seen on 4/26 at 7:30AM from 164th Street and Cauldwell Avenue in The Bronx wearing blue jeans, a dark blue jacket, white sneakers and a dark blue cap. Mr. Sanabria is described as 5'3" tall, weighs 160 pounds, brown eyes, with balding salt and pepper hair. If you see Mr. Sanabria, please call 9-1-1. A photo is available at

The sender provided the following contact information.
Sender's Name: Notify NYC
Sender's Email:
Sender's Contact Phone: 2126399675

Sunday, April 26, 2015

That Pesky Problem of Two Doors - <b>NYTimes</b>.com


You're in a dungeon with two doors. One leads to escape, the other to execution. There are only two other people in the room, one of whom always tells the truth, while the other always lies. You don't know which is which, but ...

That Pesky Problem of Two Doors -
By Nicholas Kristof

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ask for a "Validation Notice" to Expose a Debt Collection Scam


If you’ve been in debt for a while, you’ve likely received plenty of annoying phone calls from debt collection agencies. But not all of these calls are legit. If you’re not careful, you could fall for a debt collection scam. When talking to a collector, make sure to ask for a “validation notice.”


Ask for a "Validation Notice" to Expose a Debt Collection Scam
Kristin Wong on Two Cents, shared by Andy Orin to Lifehacker
Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:30:00 GMT

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fwd: DOHMH Warns New Yorkers of Dangers of "Synthetic Marijuana" After Increase in Emergency Department Visits

The New York City                                            Department of Health and                                            Mental Hygiene
Health E-News April 20, 2015

DOHMH Warns New Yorkers of Dangers of "Synthetic Marijuana" After Increase in Emergency Department Visits

Between April 8 and April 15, more than 120 emergency department visits related to "synthetic marijuana" were detected by DOHMH

The Health Department warns New Yorkers not to use synthetic cannabinoids - most commonly referred to as "synthetic marijuana" - after a significant increase in emergency department visits. Between April 8 and April 15, more than 120 emergency department visits related to synthetic cannabinoids were detected by the Health Department. During the first few months of 2015, an average of two to three synthetic-marijuana related emergency department visits occurred each day.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New York Today: Striving for Success - <b>NYTimes</b>.com


The Success Academy network of charter schools has made headlines with strong student test scores, large school rallies and admission lotteries with long odds. But, until now, you probably haven't gotten a sense of what the ...

New York Today: Striving for Success -
By Tatiana Schlossberg

Fwd: Jay-Z Announces 2015 Scholarship Program

News Alert

Rapper Jay-Z Announces 2015 Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship

Shawn Carter Foundation                                    Scholarship

Nationwide -- The Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship provides financial support to high school students as well as undergraduate students entering college for the first time. The purpose of the scholarship is to help under-served students who may not be eligible for other scholarships.

Students who have either graduated from high school or earned their G.E.D. may apply. Minimum grade point average is 2.0. Students must have a strong desire to go to college and earn their degree. Students must also have a desire to give back to their communities.

The scholarship fund was established by Gloria Carter and and her son Shawn Carter (better known as rapper/ business mogul Jay-Z) to offer a unique opportunity to students who have been incarcerated or faced particular life challenges but still want to pursue higher education.

For more details and/or to apply, visit:

To search hundreds of other 2015 scholarships, visit:


Net Atlantic

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Someone Is Stealing Reptilian Mascots From Manhattan Restaurants


Someone Is Stealing Reptilian Mascots From Manhattan Restaurants Baby lambs are brunching in Brooklyn, potbellied pigs are delaying flights, goat heads are popping up in Prospect Park, and now, inanimate reptilian mascots are going missing from restaurants in Lower Manhattan. Who needs zoos when we have this kind of dramatic animal life? [ more › ]

Someone Is Stealing Reptilian Mascots From Manhattan Restaurants
Rebecca Fishbein
Sat, 04 Apr 2015 19:05:26 GMT