Monday, September 18, 2017

Fwd: We Found Him - Now We Need You to Contact the Authorities With Us - OK?


We Found Him - Now We Need You to Contact the Authorities With Us - OK?


At almost 2am this morning we properly identified Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh - a  lifelong white supremacist and skinhead - as the man who violently assaulted a non-violent woman in Charlottesville. This is him. We traced his criminal history back nearly 20 years. He has been convicted for violent hate crimes in Portland, Oregon and has served time for dozens of arrests and convictions in at least three different states. He has open cases right now. 

This makes him the third white supremacist we have identified. The other two, Dan Borden and Michael Ramos, have already been arrested. Now, we need make sure authorities arrest Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh. 

Now, we need you to contact authorities to make sure that he is properly arrested. We've done this before, and it worked, now we must do it again. Here are your action steps:

Here is the information you need: His Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh, age 38, of North Vernon Indiana. He violently assaulted this woman in Charlottesville - wearing weighted gloves - which is a felony. He is a convicted felon - with a violent past - including hate crimes - and nearly 30 arrests around the country. 

1. Call the Charlottesville Police Department @: (434) 970-3280. Email the Chief of Police @

2. Call the North Vernon, Indiana Police Department @: 812.346.2345 and email Chief James Webster @ If you have time, contact their entire staff here. 

3. Contact this FBI tip line by phone and web. It was created for Charlottesville.

4. Write this post on Twitter and Facebook and consider embedding the photo of Dennis Mothersbaugh:

Dear @TerryMcAuliffe,

We have identified Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh as a violent bigot from Charlottesville. Please ensure his arrest. 

Hey My Friends,

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love and appreciate you all.

I have one special request.

We are starting a reward fund to help us bring Neo-Nazis and white supremacists to justice. Since the authorities seem unable or unwilling to do this work, we will do it. We already found two people and have brought them to justice. Let's get back to work. Please donate anything you can to our fund

First, we are creating cash rewards for the positive identification of these four men. 

Secondly, we are creating a fund to bring on world class investigators of our own. 

Let's do this. Whatever you can chip in would mean the world to me. I am determined to find these men and bring them to justice. 

Here's the fund:

Let's roll!


------ Previous Emails Below

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to let you know that police have  arrested the second man we identified in the brutal beating of DeAndre Harris in Charlottesville. 

Michael Alex Ramos is now in police custody. Scroll down for photos and action steps on the men who are still outstanding. 

------- Previous email and action steps are below. 

Here is the video. The evidence is overwhelming. Share it. 

a. I have 20 additional photos of the men here. Look at them and share them. These include photos of the additional men. 

b. Consider sharing this video of the assault here and here

c. If you are on Twitter, share these photos or any other photos from my timeline. 

d. If you don't use social media, I have embedded the photos below. Forward the email to everybody you know. 

This man was very vicious and caused serious injuries to Deandre. Who is he?

This man caused critical injuries to Deandre as well. 

We are also searching for this man.

I appreciate you all. Together, we are strong. Let's keep pushing. 

Your Friend and Brother,

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