Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fwd: PokémonGo Safety Tips

PokémonGo Safety Tips

As the PokémonGo fever hits New York City, the NYPD wants to remind you and your kids of some simple safety tips.  As you battle, train, and capture your Pokémon just remember you're still in the real world too!  Around the country the PokémonGo craze has seen reports of accidents, injuries and even crimes where suspects have set-up fake 'Pokéstops'.  So as you or your kids set out to capture them all:
  • Be alert at all times
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Play in pairs or as a group to ensure your safety  
  • Do not drive or ride your bike, skateboard, or other device while interacting with the can't do both safety
  • Do not trespass onto private property or go to areas you usually would not if you weren't playing Pokémon Go
  • Be aware and tell your kids about "stranger-danger".  The app may draw strangers together in real life at 'Pokéstops'
  • Parents - be aware of 3rd party software apps claiming to enhance the gaming experience however, these 3rd party apps only gives access to sensitive data - i.e. name, email, calendar
Have fun AND stay safe.  Good luck in your quest, and happy hatching, trapping, and training at the Pokémon Gym!


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