Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fwd: Trump Admin ATTACKS voting rights!! (please read this!!)

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Subject: Trump Admin ATTACKS voting rights!! (please read this!!)
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 18:18:01 +0000
From: [TERRIFYING NEWS] - Progressive Turnout Project <>


SIGN ON: Demand the Department of Justice PROTECT voting rights →

Trump's DOJ will drop claim                                        that Texas voter ID law was                                        purposefully discriminatory-                                        Huffington Post

WOW -- this is TERRIFYING!

Jeff Sessions just reversed the Department of Justice's opposition to a controversial voter ID law in Texas, signaling to voters everywhere that they will not be protected.

Why? To give Republican legislators a blank check to stop Democrats from voting.

Now more than ever we have to act IMMEDIATELY to defend voting rights.

Join us to DEMAND the DOJ reverse its position on voter ID laws →

Trump, Sessions and the GOP know EXACTLY what they are doing.

Their intent is malicious -- they want to turn as many potential Democratic voters as possible away from the polls.

By allowing Texas to continue to enforce this horrifying voter ID law, they are setting a nationwide precedent.

They want to silence us. But we won't let them.

Will you sign on to stand with us and protect voters around the country? >>

Thanks for working to protect voters,

-The Progressive Turnout Project


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