Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fwd: Delivering your signatures

Delivering your signatures
A message from the leader

Common Cause

Posted By: Common Cause (campaign leader)

SIGN TODAY >> Senators' phone lines are jammed right now, so this week, we're delivering thousands of #StopSessions signatures to Congress in person. Make sure your name is included!

You know as well as I do that we can't let Jeff Sessions become Attorney General. We've made too much progress towards a democracy that represents everyone to let Jeff Sessions take us backwards -- as his history of anti-voting rights stances demonstrate he will.

Thousands of Common Cause members like you made calls in recent weeks to demand the Senate reject Sessions -- and I'm sure you have too. But I've heard from hundreds of our activists that their calls go straight to voicemail -- or can't connect at all!

Let's be clear -- it's great that congressional staff are overwhelmed with phone calls right now -- it means Americans are stepping up and taking action like never before. But we need to make sure our message to #StopSessions gets through.

So this week, I'm personally delivering your signatures to Capitol Hill. That way, Senators can't pretend they aren't getting our message. We will be heard!

Sign the petition to #StopSessions today, and I'll personally deliver your signatures to the Senate this week!




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