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Fwd: Trump said what about Black people!?!?!?

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Subject: Trump said what about Black people!?!?!?
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Are Google and Facebook really going to fund a party for a man who is repeatedly referring to Black people as possessions?
Are Google and Facebook really going to fund a party for a man who is repeatedly referring to Black people as possessions?


Help us keep fighting to stop corporations from funding the most anti-Black candidate in a generation.

Chip-in $3

Dear Cinquez, 

Trump has been on an obscenely racist tear over the last week. In just the span of three days, Trump has twice referred to Black people as possessions.1 Referring to one man as "my African-American."2

He went on to claim that Latin@s, Muslims, and women (pretty much anyone who's not a white man) cannot judge him in court because of their different race, religion, and gender.3 Saying that people cannot do a job because of their heritage or race is the definition of racism. Trump has been so racist this week, that nearly every Republican leader has condemned his statements.4

So why are Google, Facebook, and other major companies still planning to fund Trump's coronation in six weeks?

It is abundantly clear that under a Trump presidency Black people, Latin@s, immigrants, women, and Muslims will be either second-class citizens or entirely unwelcome in this country. We cannot allow corporations to continue to fund this hateful and racist candidate.

Chip-in $3 today if you want to stop corporations from funding a candidate who thinks Black people are possessions.

With your help, we've already been able to get some of the world's biggest corporations to ditch Trump's RNC – Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard. Together, we've helped shift the conversation so much that yesterday news corporation Buzzfeed took the bold step of giving up a $1.3 million dollar advertising contract with Trump and the RNC.5

But, if companies like Google and Facebook are allowed to openly throw a party for the most anti-Black candidate in a generation, it could spark a whole new era of white supremacy. This is why we need to force major corporations to abandon the Trump-led GOP.

Here are some of the things we could do – but only if you can donate today:

  • Run targeted ads and billboards that corporate decision-makers will be confronted with every day as they drive to and from work.
  • Work with grassroots organizations to conduct disruptive direct actions at their corporate headquarters – letting them know that supporting a Trump-led convention is more than "business as usual."
  • Further turning up the heat on corporations with an onslaught of calls from our members and allies urging them to stand on the right side of history. 
  • Run a hard-hitting campaign and deploy a number of tactics during the Republican National Convention that explicitly disrupts Trump's hateful and harmful rhetoric. 

But we can only make this happen with your help. Can you chip in to stop corporate support for Trump's coronation?

Yes, I'll chip in $3 today to stop Trump.

Until Justice is Real,

--Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Evan, Bernard and the rest of the ColorOfChange PAC team.


1. "Trump uses 'his African-American' to boast about violence against protesters," RawStory, 06-03-2016

2. "Trump slammed for claiming ownership of 'our African-American people' again in victory speech," RawStory, 06-08-2016

3. "GOP worries rise amid hostile Trump comments on Latinos and Muslims," WashingtonPost, 06-05-2016

4. "Top Republican congressional leaders denounce Donald Trump's attacks on judge," LA Times, 06-07-2016

5. "BuzzFeed pulls out of $1.3M advertising deal with RNC over Donald Trump," Politico, 06-06-2016

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