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Fwd: Ceremony Honoring Legendary Colonel Charles Young

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Subject: Ceremony Honoring Legendary Colonel Charles Young
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Ceremony Honoring Colonel Charles Young and the Contributions of America’s Famed “Buffalo Soldiers,” The Black Cavalries and Infantry Regiments



Black soldiers have been fighting and serving alongside their countryman for over 300 years, and the National Coalition of Black Veterans has been at the forefront of celebrating the important contributions of our fellow Americans. The legacy of Colonel Charles Young (1864-1922) exemplifies the contributions of black Americans in our military. Born into slavery and rising to the highest ranking black soldier of his time, Col. Young graduated from West Point in 1889 and went on to serve as the first black military attaché and the first black superintendent of a National Park. Were it not for the deep, systemic racism of the time, we believe that Col. Young would have been honored with the title of General in the U.S. Army. It has been the goal of the National Coalition of Black Veterans to urge President Obama to officially bestow the honorary promotion of Brigadier General to Young.


In this spirit, The National Coalition of Black Veterans in commemoration with the 150th Anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers and their legacy cordially invite you to a ceremony honoring our country’s first black cavalry and infantry regiments-- soldiers first designated as “colored troops” in the summer of 1866. The soldiers were given the moniker “buffalo soldiers” by our Native American brothers and sisters during the period of the Western Expansion. These soldiers hold an important place in American history.


A bronze miniature of the legendary Colonel Charles Young has been created to honor the contributions of past and present black Americans serving their country in defense of the nation. In June of this year we will be presenting it to the National Afro-American Museum and Culture Center for exhibit along with many other pieces from the extraordinary life of Col. Young including artwork, medals, and even the legendary Buffalo Soldier’s personal saber. The bronze maquette will remain on display until it is transferred to the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Wilberforce, Ohio.


The Museum and Culture Center is an inspiring American treasury focusing mainly on African-American history in the 20th Century, but also tracing black American roots and influences as far back as the 19th. The ceremony and exhibit is open to the general public, but we greatly encourage veteran and serving soldiers and military members to come and learn about our enduring legacy.


Following the ceremony, a tour of the National Museum and Culture Center as well as a VIP tour of Col. Young’s birthplace in Mays Lick, Kentucky.


June 1st at 11:00am

National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center

1350 Brush Row Road

Wilberforce, Ohio



For additional information, please email the Coalition at or visit the Colonel Young Facebook page at

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