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Fwd: PR: Sisters Create Black History Mobile App "Quiztory"

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February 10, 2015

DeeCee Parrish, PR Consultant
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-- Creative Educational Products (CEP) Inc., founded by sisters Kysha and DÂ'Anna Mounia, will launch their first, innovative educational trivia app, Quiztory® on Friday, February 13, 2015 during Black History Month! This new and exciting app will feature African American history in the 21st century from the rich historical past of African Americans to todayÂ's pop culture. --

App creators, Kysha & DÂ'Anna Mounia

Los Angeles, CA (BlackNews.com) -- CEP was created to challenge the educational status quo through creative change and answer two important questions: How can we become advocates for African American history and what vehicle will help facilitate our cause? The answer is Quiztory®!

Quiztory® will take you on a journey through African American history as never before. From the names and events you know, to those we hope will leave you inspired. From the very first question, Quiztory® seeks to capture your full attention. Unlike many trivia apps that rely on basic question and answer formats, Quiztory® creates a fun "game show" type of environment with signature clock music and with Atllas, our host who will lead you on your journey through Quiztory®.

This app will be introduced into various educational institutions and organizations and will be available for download free of charge in the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about Quiztory®, visit www.quiztory.com.

In addition to Quiztory®, CEP, has partnered with iHeartRadio to further introduce three original shows produced exclusively for the Quiztory® channel. This Day in Quiztory is a daily segment that seeks to open all minds to the wonders of African American history, "OUR HISTORY." Each day on This Day in Quiztory, they will share a brief historical lesson on African American achievements in everything from science, sports, music and politics, to current pop culture quite often narrated by celebrities and influential community leaders. CEP recently partnered with Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana where students contribute to the research and writing of the daily narratives.

The second show, A Moment in Hip-Hop Quiztory, is a weekly show hosted by Money B from the rap group Digital Underground and The Goin Way Back Show. Each week, Money B ties in quiztorical tidbits with interviews from some of our favorite hip-hop artists. The final show, Brownstone Radio Quiztory is a bi-weekly show where radio personalities bring the flavor and creativity of their existing format with an added Quiztory® bonus. Visit them on iHeartRadio (www.iheart.com/show/station/Quiztory/).

The Launch Event

The launch event for Quiztory® will take place at MaggianoÂ's restaurant located at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA, Friday, February 13, 2015 starting at 8pm. The red carpet will open from 8:00pm-9:00pm.

Various Wi-Fi stations equipped with iPads will grace the ballroom for invited guests to experience the application along with music, hors dÂ'oeuvres, drinks, games and prizes.

Invited guests will be the first to experience the app. Guests include educational leaders from various middle to high schools, colleges, universities and celebrities.

Guests will also receive gifts and goodies from sponsors Rollercoaster Waves, Celebrity Looks Laser Center, Dental Design Studio City, YogaWorks, Cole Craig Organic Candles, Ooh Lala Cake Couture by Lakisha, Lashed Bar Co., The Black History Store, The Posh Mommy, Golf nÂ' Stuff and Variety Magazine.

If you have celebrity clientele you would like to attend the Quiztory® launch event or if you are media looking to work the press line, please contact the PR consultant to be added to the guest list as this is a private event.

Social Media:

Follow them on their journey on Instagram (www.instagram.com/quiztory) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/quiztory) and like what they do on Facebook (www.facebook.com/quiztory).

About Creative Educational Products
CEP is an educational organization dedicated to creating and providing innovative products and services that instill a sense of wonder with an excitement for learning in support of educational institutions, parents, organizations and the community to provide our youth with alternative tools for learning beyond classroom books. CEP was founded by Kysha and DÂ'Anna Mounia in 2009 to create change and spark interest in African American History.

About Kysha & DÂ'Anna Mounia
Kysha Mounia is a 16-year veteran in television production working on documentary programs such as Fox Sport NetÂ's, "Beyond the Glory" and BETÂ's "American Gangster." Kysha is currently the supervising producer on the TV One series, "Unsung" and its spin-off series, "Unsung Hollywood," winning their fourth NAACP Image Award this year for "Unsung" which has been nominated for a total of 6 times.

DÂ'Anna Mounia has 15 years of digital media and marketing experience. She has managed several music artists and is currently serving the Advertising Operations and Digital Media departments for Premiere NetworksÂ' personalities such as Steve Harvey, Ryan Seacrest and Mario Lopez.


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