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Fwd: 9/11 Health (September, 2014)

9/11 Health E-News
9-11 Health: A Public                                            Information Resource
NYC 9/11 Health Update

September 2014

News Items of Note

Act Now: Preserve Your Right to Workers' Comp

Preserve your right to workers’ compensation if you participated in World Trade Center rescue, recovery, and clean-up after 9/11. Even if you don't need benefits now, protect your right to future benefits by filing a WTC-12 form with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. The deadline is September 11, 2014.

More Information

  • Most people are eligible. You should file a WTC-12 form whether you were injured or not and whether you were employed or volunteered.
  • Eligible work/volunteering includes duty at Ground Zero, Fresh Kills Landfill, on the barges, the piers, and at the morgues.
  • Eligible work/volunteering must have occurred before 9/12/02.
  • All forms must be notarized and received by the Board by 9/11/14.
For questions, please call 855-WTC-2014.

Zadroga Act by the Numbers



The federal World Trade Center Health Program, now provides monitoring and treatment, including medications, with no out-of-pocket costs for both physical and mental health conditions related to the 2001 terrorist attacks no matter where you live now.

Apply online or call 888-982-4748 to have an application mailed to you.

Are You Enrolled in the WTC Health Registry?

Update your contact information here.


Recent Research

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Stress-Related Changes in Toddlers and Their Mothers Following the Attack of September 11.

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Acute High-Level Exposure to WTC Particles Alters Expression of Genes Associated with Oxidative Stress and Immune Function in the Lung.

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Unmet Mental Health Care Need 10-11 Years After the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks: Results from 2011-2012 World Trade Center Health Registry.

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