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Fwd: [SOA~2013] may 19th belongs to malcolm! participation grows!

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“We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter, and a common discriminator…Once we all realize that we have a common enemy,
then we unite, on the basis of what we have in common…"
Malcolm X—Message to the Grass Roots
May 12, 2013
          On Monday, May 19th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee and the Sons of Afrika will observe the 89th birth anniversary of Malcolm X with the Organization of Afro-American Unity’s Annual Pilgrimage to his Gravesite!
          At 9am, participants will assemble at the Harlem State Office Building located at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard to prepare to caravan to Malcolm’s gravesite at Ferncliff Cemetery in Ardsley, NY.
          Tickets for the busses going up to the Cemetery are $9 for adults and $5 for children. Families and groups wishing to ride should call in advance to make reservations at 718 512 5008 or 212 928 5165 or email at
          The gravesite ceremony was conceived and developed by the late Ella Little-Collins, Malcolm’s older sister who was with him in the OAAU, shortly after his death. The organization has faithfully maintained this pilgrimage on annual basis through Baba James Small for nearly 50 years!
          In 1993, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, under the leadership of Baba Herman Ferguson, made a commitment to grow the pilgrimage. Since then, the pilgrimage has grown exponentially, drawing participants from all along the northeast coast from Boston to Washington, DC.
          In 2000, Small asked the New Black Panther  Party, under the leadership of Zayid Muhammad, who is also the founding press officer for the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, to serve as the ceremony’s ‘honor guard,’ a role cherished by the soldiers of Khallid Abdul Muhammad ever since.
          This year, the Universal Zulu Nation, the first national organization emerging from HipHop culture, has announced that they will participate in ‘Malcolm X Day’ this year and will also run a bus to the ceremony. The Universal Zulu Nation just observed their 40th anniversary in November. They were launched ironically on November 10th, the same date that Malcolm X would deliver his most seminal speech, The Message To The Grassroots.
          Also expected coming all the way from Houston, Texas is Krystal Muhammad, the new national chair of the New Black Panther Party. Muhammad is spearheading a national coalition of families who have lost loved ones to legally sanctioned racist violence. Coming in from all the way in Atlanta, Georgia is New Afrikan people’s scholar, Akinyele Umoja, author of the powerful new book, We Will Shoot Back, on armed black resistance to racist terror in Mississippi. Umoja will be addressing the May 18th Malcolm X program in Brooklyn sponsored by the National Afrikan Kawaida Organizations, or NAKO.
          “We are very pleased about the participation we’re getting this year,” said an enthused Zayid Muhammad, the Committee’s press officer.
          “The Zulus should help us get younger and Sis Krystal  and Bro. Akinyele coming from Houston and Atlanta respectively each helps us to continue to elevate the profile of this supremely significant gathering.”
          Upon return to Harlem, participants can participate in the annual closing down of stores on 125th Street in Malcolm’s honor. Later, they can go to the Shabazz Center, the former Audubon Ballroom where Malcolm launched the OAAU and where he was ultimately assassinated, and participate in the annual birthday observation hosted by Malcolm’s daughter, author Ilyasah Shabazz,  the annual Malcolm X birthday forum at the Schomburg organized by the Malcolm X Museum, or the Peoples Survival Program’s tribute at the Maysles Center in Harlem.
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