Friday, February 3, 2012



* Ellen Biben was chosen to run New York's new ethics commission only after a search committee member appointed by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos switched his vote in her favor, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* David Grandeau, the state's former top lobbying regulator who has regularly criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration, was hired as an ethics consultant to the Port Authority, the Journal says:

* A proposal to limit the size of chain stores and banks on the Upper West Side aims to preserve locally-owned businesses, but critics say chains are booming because customers want them, the New York Times reports:

* The company that built parking garages at the new Yankee Stadium is facing default on $237 million in tax-exempt bonds arranged by the Bloomberg administration, writes the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez:

* The Times' Jim Dwyer says the New York City budget relies heavily on fines through traps like a bus lane in lower Manhattan, where "one senior official in state government" was caught but not ticketed:

* While Mayor Michael Bloomberg will take his private jet to the Super Bowl and a TV appearance with Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels on Sunday, Cuomo will hold a party for 150 people at Bill's Bar and Burger in Rockefeller Center, the Post says:

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